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About Peter Garriock


Peter studied between 1964 – 1967 at the West of England College of Art. In 1967 he was introduced to Alison de Vere by Karl Weschke and worked as background artist, contributing to the Beatles film Yellow Submarine under Alison’s supervision.

In 1968 formed the company ‘Artichoke’ which created paintings for an historic Bristol public house The Naval Volunteer including versions of ‘The Death of Nelson’ and 4 large ceiling murals of epic sea battles and similar seascape canvases and later created paintings and signs for The Mauretania public house in Bristol.

Between 1970 and 1972, Peter worked as Art Editor for Vanity Fair magazine, and started restoration work at the Wesley family home in Bristol where he did guilding, plasterwork, woodwork (restoring work by Thomas Sparrow, a pupil of Grinley Gibbons) with Janet Fennell, co-director of Artichoke. This work is now part of Bristol University’s Red Fort and was featured in Country Life magazine.

Peter moved into television animation in the 1980s and worked at the Richard Williams Studios with Alan Foster and the TVC Studios. His work at this time included pre-production work and character design for the proposed Snowman film based on the book by Raymond Briggs and worked with Alan Foster on the Shell animated TV commercial ‘Blow the man down’.

In 1983 his paintings bought and displayed in Crown Center Redevelopment, Kansas City, USA for Hallmark and he went on to work with the author Robert Lesser in Manhatten, New York recreating lost and damaged artwork some of which was later published in the book ‘Pulps’. This led to further Pulp recreations for numerous collectors.

In 1988 Peter returned to animation, working again with Alan Foster on animation titles for Mortuary Academy film featuring Andy Warhol’s collaborators Paul Bartel and Mary Woronov. In the 1990s Peter worked in book illustration.

Now Peter is well known for his iconic posters produced for the Albion Spirit Company


Shows and Exhibitions

1972 Group show of prints at Chelsea School of Art.
1973 Oxford Museum of Modern Art juried show of prints.
1974 Brighton Museum and Art Gallery juried exhibition of prints.
1975 Fright Gallery exhibition and audio presentation commissioned by Bede Gallery, Jarrow and grant aided by Northern Arts.
1975 Choice Comics I at the Kinsman Morrison Gallery, Maddox Street, London.
1976 Choice Comics II at the Kinsman Morrison Gallery, Maddox Street, London.
1976 Happy Days exhibition at Sunderland Museum (commissioned by Tyne & Wear County Council and toured throughout the north of England for 2 years).
1978 Spectro Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne one man show of prints and paintings.
1978 Newcastle-upon-Tyne.Central Library group show of prints.
1978 Mall Gallery, London 8th Annual Contemporary Printmakers Show.
1979 Comic Book Show, The Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
1979 One man show of paintings and prints at Marlowe Gallery, Canterbury.
1984 One man show of paintings at Bedyk.Gallery, Kansas City, USA.
1989 Exhibition of paintings at Nancy Everhart Gallery, Baskingridge, New Jersey, USA.
1994 One man show of paintings at Nancy Everhart Gallery, Baskingridge, New Jersey, USA.
2014 Architectural sketches, Watts Gallery – Artists Village, Surrey, UK.


1973 Northern Arts grant for animation.
1974 Northern Arts grant for The Art Form of the Comic.
1975 Northern Arts grant.
1983 Winner of ‘Art for the Parks’, a nationwide American painting competition with presentation at Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA.
1983 Winner of ‘Mid Four’ painting competition over four American States (Kansas, Kansas, Kansas Missouri, Iowa and Nebraska).