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This website is a collection of my paintings and drawings. I work with pencil, paints, pen and ink to create an image. This image can then be scanned to create a jpeg and the commission can be viewed online. The original image with caption can be delivered framed or unframed or sent as a high resolution jpeg.


Arrest of Oscar WildeArrest of Oscar WildeAn example of a commission based on an old print is “The Arrest of Oscar Wilde”. On the left is a print from the old “Police Gazette” and the recreation is in colour and is featured on the right

Another example of a commission based on the highly captioned print image of “Churchill” from “Look and Learn“. This appears on the left and my colour reproduction appears on the right.

Arrest of Oscar WildeArrest of Oscar WildeAnother image treated in the same way is “Brunel” and my recreation is on the right.

These recreations have all been given permission by the current copyright owner to be reproduced on this website; however there are no other reproduction rights given with this permission


portrait2 portrait2 An example of a portrait commission is given here: the original photograph is on the left and my interpretation can be found on the right

Some images were recreated for the client, some were ‘pastiches’, some were created because the original no longer exists. These were all private commissions and no commercial gain was sought by publication or multiple printing of these images. They are on the website to display a skill; they are for display only.

Comission Enquiry

Please get in touch using the form below if you’d like to commission Peter

Most of the images on this website have been created for various clients and and are the copyright of these clients. Please note images created clients do not come with reproduction rights